June 23, 2016

Air depuration plants

In the purification process of the air we operate in various fields:

  • Civil and industrial waters treatment: tower of stripping and scrubber of chemical cleaning.
  • City refusals treatment: battery lucks scrubber cleaning emissions.
  • Industrial refusals treatment: depurator powders and dissolvent from reception premises/drainage, warehouse and working industrial refusals.
  • Incinerators
  • Black waters treatment: bio-filters cleaning smells; double lucks scrubber in series for cleaning smell and polluting chemical from system depuration black waters.
  • Chemical – druggist
  • Alimentary field
  • Energy – power: smoke cleaning from incinerator of refusals for the simultaneous production of thermal energy and electrical worker.
  • Metal worker and mechanic – foundry – steel mill
  • Cement 
  • Textile and leather industry
  • Rubber – plastic – glass – paper – marble
  • Reclamations lands
  • Biogas: desulphuration system of biogas with biological and chemical treatment for the energy co-generation.
  • Composting: air flushing for composting system and double scrubber for aspiration and cleaning of smells and polluting.
  • Drying biological mud: scrubber cleaning of polluting air from dryer CDR.
  • Aspiration and cleaning of smell and chemical polluting from systems of biological treatment of industrial sewage (nitrification – de nitrification) and treatment of muds from flotation devices.