Lead Smelter Refining

June 24, 2016

Lead Smelter and Refining

Lead smelter and refining kettles

This part of the plant concerns the supplying of a rotary furnace and kettles to melt grids/poles and paste, to produce hard (Pb/Sb) and soft alloys.
The plant is designed to work 24 hours a day, making it necessary to have a double smelting department.
Here it’s explained the complete day production system.

The process is based on smelting grids and paste in the rotary furnace on different time:

  • Pb-paste and Pb-sludge (PbO, PbO2, PbSO4, PbCO3): to produce soft lead bullion.
  • Grids to produce hard lead bullion. The soft and hard lead bullions are refined in the kettles on the follow operations:
    – Copper removal
    – Tin removal
    – Antimony removal
    – final refining
    – casting of 25 Kg ingots

The rotary slags are sent to disposal.
The refining ashes and drosses will be re-charged to the rotary.


  • grids and poles, up to 37 MT day, at 97% purity, moisture 2% +-
  • Paste and sludge up to 57 MT day, at 75% +- (see your analyzes) yield, 25% to 9% moisture (filterpressed), 5% approx. of Sulphur.

To reduce the costs of smelting plant, we supply also the stirring tank, the paste density adjustment and the filter press. Our filter press can reduce the moisture down to 9% max.
An optional of this unit is being ready for a desulphurization plant.


piombo_lead_smelter_1 piombo_lead_smelter_2 piombo_lead_smelter_3