June 23, 2016


Ecowair® operates in the field of ecology, human protection, environment protection: Particularly engineer, produces and does installation of:
– recycling plants for:

  • lead batteries
  • aluminum
  • tires

– purification and treatment of water, sewage civil and industrial
– purification and treatment of industrial fumes

Ecowair® proposes “turnkey” solutions tailored to specific customer requirements with state of the art technology: proved, tested and Country’s installation rules complying.
Ecowair® plants are the most advanced and reliable plants you can find on the market.
Ecowair® engineer and produces its plants, in the north part of Vicenza, Italy (close to Venice and Verona airports) do test and install the plants by skilled and well trained technicians in short and reliable way.
Ecowair® propose to be a supplier of new plants, or upgrade existing plants if possible, improving the efficiency and functionality. Ecowair® can work on customer lay-outs providing final ones, with P&I, piping and wirings lay-outs, utilities and so on.
Ecowair® is pleased to present all the various methods of treatment air and water with related plants, being a reference point for customers and professionals who want to obtain informations safe and speedy. After years of experience Ecowair® has an excellent understanding of all technologies available to the field of recycling and purification and is able to provide you the service adapted to individual needs.
Ecowair® seeks always to ongoing research and development of innovative solutions to obtain products at the forefront in full respect of regulations in force. Technologies shall ensure a low environmental impact.
Ecowair® laboratory analysis is in position to outline the chemical-physical characteristics and bacteriological element (air or water) before and after the process of purification allowing of dimensioning properly structure that will be to achieve.

Ecowair® is particularly proud of his new plants for lead batteries recycling:

  • ECO EBB (ecological battery breaker and separation)
  • ECO LSM (ecological lead smelter)
  • ECO DSU (ecological Desulphurization unit)
  • ECO WWT (ecological waste water tre@ment)
  • And future ECO ADM (eco acid de-metallization plant) to reuse the sulphuric acid in new batteries

Ecowair® In the water field offers solutions for different types of application, such as:

  • civil and industrial wastewater treatment
  • textile industries (laundries and dyers)
  • food industry
  • bottling and beverage industry
  • milk and dairy products
  • slaughterhouses
  • working poultry and meat
  • chemical industry
  • energy production sector
  • tanning sector

In the purification fumes Ecowair® operates in various fields:

  • Field treatment civil and industrial waters: tower of stripping and scrubber of chemical cleaning.
  • Field city refusals: battery lucks scrubber cleaning emissions.
  • Field industrial refusals: depurator powders and dissolvent from reception premises/drainage, warehouse and working industrial refusals.
  • Field incinerators
  • Treatment black waters: bio-filters cleaning smells; double lucks scrubber in series for cleaning smell and polluting chemical from system depuration black waters.
  • Chemical field – druggist
  • Alimentary field
  • Field energy – power: smoke cleaning from incinerator of refusals for the simultaneous production of thermal energy and electrical worker.
  • Field metal worker and mechanic – foundry – steel mill
  • Cement field
  • Textile and leather industry
  • Field rubber – plastic – glass – paper – marble
  • Field reclamations lands
  • Biogas: desulphuration system of biogas with biological and chemical treatment for the energy co-generation.
  • Composting: air flushing for composting system and double scrubber for aspiration and cleaning of smells and polluting.
  • Drying biological mud: scrubber cleaning of polluting air from dryer CDR.
  • Aspiration and cleaning of smell and chemical polluting from systems of biological treatment of industrial sewage (nitrification – de nitrification) and treatment of muds from flotation devices.