Humid Cleaners

June 23, 2016

Humid Cleaners – Scrubber


The treatment of the air can regard various types of industrial production processes, characterized by emissions of injurious substances for the atmosphere. The scrubber it’s an equipment that allows to pull down the concentration of substances in gaseous state, usually powders and micro polluting acids. These equipment finds application in the purification systems of smoke of many chemical plants.
A case is represented by vapors of sulfuric acid. During the charging process of the batteries the sulfuric acid inside them produces hydrogen and some acid steams that are dangerous for workers and can also cause explosions. For this reason it is necessary to install this system of aspiration and filtering, that eliminates vapors and gives back cleaned air in the atmosphere.
Such system comes out of many years of serious job of engineering and production, allows us to realize also industrial treatments also of large dimensions. The planning, construction and installation of the system for the acid vapors treatment represent for us a simple and personalized job.