Water Treatment

June 23, 2016

Water Treatment Plants

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Our equipments for the water and sewage treatment are:

  • vertical dynamic clarifiers
  • dynamic mud thickeners
  • gantry cranes for sedimentation/round clarifiers
  • band press, filter press and pressure filters
  • pipings for the transport of the fluid
  • air floaters
  • grids (channel and rotary drum)
  • vertical decanters
  • dynamic thickners for mud
  • water softners

We can supply to the customer an immense range of chemical products for the treatment of waters, used in several cleaning processes.
The products you can find are:

  • poli-electrolytes cationic and anionic
  • de-coloration agents
  • anti foaming
  • bacteria and enzymes
  • granular active carbons, in powder and pellets
  • resins
  • primary coagulants and products for the precipitation of metals
  • de-emulsifiers

In the water field we offer solutions for different types of application, such as:

  • industrial water treatment civil and industrial
  • civil and industrial wastewater treatment
  • textile industries (laundries and dyers)
  • food industry
  • bottling and beverage industry
  • milk and dairy products
  • slaughterhouses
  • working poultry and meat
  • chemical industry
  • energy production sector
  • tanning sector